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The Best stethoscope is a diagnostic medical device used for listening to sounds that are produced by the different body parts like lungs, heart, and intestinal tract of humans and animals. Stethoscopes are basically of four types, namely acoustic, electronic, recording, and fetal stethoscopes.

A basic acoustic device consists of two earpieces, a metallic binaural that connects the earpieces to the tube, a tubing, and a chestpiece. The chestpiece usually contains a combination of a diaphragm and a bell to transmit higher or lower sound frequencies, respectively. An electronic amplifies the body sound waves using electric transducers. The overall make and design of the elements contribute to its value and performance. Thus it is vital to choose the top-rated stethoscope for the desired function.

How to Choose A Right Stethoscope?

For quick and correct diagnostic evaluation must possess certain qualities. It must be light in weight for ease while carrying around neck or on shoulder. The tube should be of adequate length, neither too long nor too short, for accurate patient examination. The two tubes and a large internal diameter also improve the acoustics; however the tubes must not rub against each other to prevent unwanted sound.

The stethoscope is a basic but great tool that can diagnose very serious diseases of heart or lung only by auscultating the chest of your patient so it is important to have a top-rated stethoscope. It is good to invest some amount of money to buy this valuable lifetime assistant. The tubing should also be thick and adequately insulated to filter out outer ambient noise. The diaphragms should be made of high-quality film and be approximately 45mm in diameter for adults and 25mm for pediatric patients. The width of the chest piece as well as its weight affects the acoustics. It must have a non-chill ring fixated on the diaphragm from both sides to prevent contact of cold metal parts with the patient’s body. The earpieces should be comfortable, aligning with the shape of the ear canal, and easy to replace and clean. Lastly, while maintaining the quality, the stethoscope should also be cost-effective. These are some factors that need to be considered while choosing your best stethoscope.

Benefits of Using a Good Quality Stethoscope

There are various benefits while using the best and recommended stethoscope, for the physician as well as for the patients. It is the primary tool with which a physician starts examining the patient. Therefore, a stethoscope aids in identifying and diagnosing the symptoms faster. A good acoustic stethoscope with superior earpieces, thick insulation, and tunable head within the chestpiece will omit all surrounding sounds and catch every breath or heart sound.

With the help of this instrument, the physician can hear normal and abnormal sounds of the respiratory, cardiac, pleural, arterial, venous, uterine, fetal, and intestinal systems. A right stethoscope will help to catch a ‘whooshing’ sound in between the ‘lub- dub’ sounds of the heartbeat. The ‘lub-dub’ sounds are made by the closing of the atrioventricular valves and aortic and pulmonic valves, respectively, of the heart. The presence of the ‘whooshing’ sound, called a murmur indicates that there is an irregularity in the flow of blood through the heart. The abnormal crackles and wheezes of the lungs or the gurgling of the stomach can all be heard and identified by a good-quality stethoscope.

Top 5 Best Stethoscopes & Their Reviews

Littmann Classic II SE

Littmann is one of the premier brand, manufactured by the company 3M. The Littmann devices are named after Dr. David Littmann, who in the 1960s, created the standard acoustic stethoscopes that we are familiar with. The Littmann Classic II Extremely Good  originates from the classic Littmann model and is highly suitable for all specialties. It features all the characteristics of a high quality such as great acoustics, light in weight, latex free materials. The comfortable ear pieces have a minimal weight of 135gms. The diaphragms are tunable transmitting high and low frequency sound waves clearly. It even has a dual sided chest piece with anti-chill rings and permits switching between diaphragm and bell mode by just applying gentle pressure on the chest piece. It is available in various colours such as black, Caribbean blue, purple and pink. It is reasonably priced too and this Best and Cheap Stethoscopes can be used by medical and nursing students.

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